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Chris Dannenfeldt, Financial Warrior

He has spent the last 23 years helping thousands of individuals and companies sort through their financial, investment, mortgage, insurance, estate planning and financial planning needs. He has never lost a client's money!

Is your retirement strategy dependent on the conventional strategies of the past 20 years? Are you worried that your 401k has not been growing? Are you "saving" for your retirement only to realize you will NEVER be able to retire?! Do you have questions about your IRA? Then you must register for this seminar.

Look, you simply will not get rich by parking your money, anywhere. Whether it is with us or with your current financial advisor, you will only be able to increase your return on your investment if your money is properly velocitized; at The Save Your Retirement Seminar you will learn how!

So join us for an enlightening evening, hear sound strategies and meet Chris as he shares how you can Save Your Retirement! Please be our guest! There is no obligation and no product will be offered. Seating is extremely limited so guarantee your reservation today by calling 214-447-7304.